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The burden of age, injury, or a simple twist of fate is rarely lightened by designers. Tools and devices created to aid the temporarily weak or permanently compromised are rarely assigned any of the aesthetically redeeming qualities industrial designers strive so hard to ascribe to their newest objects of desire.  Like the poor, those with physical disabilities, are assumed to be too busy with the business of simply navigating through a hostile world to bother with the more superficial business of beauty.

Kudos, then, to the Danish design team at Omhu, who, through careful observation and personal experience, have made it their business to inject some much-needed levity and style into objects with low sex appeal quotients, usually banished from display.  Omhu, translated from Danish, means “great care,” and this award-winning cane design–with its combination of high performance materials, graceful profile, and joyful gloss of color–embodies that sentiment impressively.

Innovation, it is said, isn’t always about being the first. Sometimes, being the best can count for just as much.

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