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detroit-cover-500pxDetroit is making a comeback; sort of. The beaten and battered midwestern city has fallen on hard times, to be sure, but tales about ‘urban pioneers’ moving into decrepit houses bought for a few thousand dollars; artfully filtered photos of crumbling, once-stately edifices; documentary films about those who’ve stayed put against all odds; and Shinola, a made-in-Detroit brand of luxury trinkets, are imbuing Detroit with the glow of an abandoned city, slowly rising from the ashes. Whether there’s anything substantive to that portrait is a matter of debate, but, Wildsom Field Guides, that travel book series “with a bygone sense of place,” is piping in with its Detroit field guide, which details, among other things, the city’s resilient natives and neighborhood shops, “like Lonzo Jackson’s barber shop and Signal Return’s print studio….Maggie Townsend, who drives a city bus, and Naomi Long Madgett, a poet ninety years young…” Detroit-bound or not,  which romantic could pass up a tale of hardscrabble American living?wildsamefieldnotes_interviews_2000x1150wildsamefieldnotes_leather_journal_group_2000x1150_1

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