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medium_MRVB006055045_0426Maybe only a Florence-based company could effectively turn toothpaste into object d’art. The Italian company Marvis seems to have done just that with a collection of ‘contemporary toothpaste’ distinguished by fanciful flavors—like Amarelli Licorice and Jasmine Mint—and inspried packaging comprised of aluminum tubes, color coordinated hexagon-shaped caps, and handsomely illustrated outer boxes. No need to settle on only one flavor (and color); a travel-sized assortment of 7 solves that problem tastefully.
medium_MRVB005055045_059medium_MRVB006055045_0417medium_MRVB001055045_087.2medium_MRVB006055045_0415medium_MRVB002055045_004medium_MRVB006055045_0407medium_MRVB001055045_062medium_MRVB006055045_0403-1Via The Line


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